Gamblers from land-based and online casinos are known as being the most superstitious in the world, but how did their array of superstitions come from? While critics believe that superstitious gablers are willing to participate in the memory loss, screening the problems occured in their casino experience, others astonishingly have good grounds for reasonable thinking. Let’s dig at some of the good and bad luck that players have believe.

Things That Will Take Luck Away From You

Several activities are deemed dangerous and they are avoided by all superstitious players. Here’s a sample of the taboos in casino

Number “4” and “13”

13 is an unfortunate digit in Western pop culture, but if you have other cultures, it’s a little more typical. It’s not all bad luck though, because the sound like “eight” sounds like prosperity which makes it a safer bet for the superstitious players  in China. However 4 makes it the most gloomy number because it marks China’s term “death.” Likewise, the’ books’ around the table sounds particularly surprised–sounds so much like a defeat.

Crossing Legs for Luck

Your fingers will be crossed for luck, but you are called to cross your legs when making a bet to cross your luck. Most find that weird but some stick to it!

Counting Winnings

Some of the common superstitions is to never count your money or coins while you’re playing. Kenny Rogers sang in the famous ‘The Gambler’ where there’s a line that says: “there will be time enough for counting, when the dealing is done”. This is another superstition that reflects a little bit more on fair-being; you are well informed of the very bad taste of counting the money before or even after the game has finished.

Not only does it render your fellow players a little unfriendly, it’s also in accordance with the wider superstition that modesty prevails. Before you get to your night’s profits, wait until you are well outside the casino-you will more likely hold onto them.

Entering on the Main Entrance

Sounds insane, but the followers are there! Any players think it’s unfortunate for a casino to be reached by the front door because they’re going to be in touch with the bad luck of someone who’s gone.

Things That Will Bring You Fortune

Players stick to something they believe gives luck or increases their prospects of success. Three of the most common good fortune rituals are here.

Blow the Dice

In the Guys & Dolls of 1955, Marlon Brando made the expression Lady Luck that blows his dice and brings luck to his games. Sixty years later, the belief of blowing on your dice has become so entrenched that in a Monopoly family game it is not rare yet, contrary to most superstitions, it could become normal.

It has been mentioned that some unscrupulous gamblers should place a moisture-activated moisture on one side of their dices. While rolling, it was a way to make sure that everybody died landed as necessary. Given the high probability that dice attach with debris or other items on the surface, it was never a hugely popular scam, so don’t be too quick to blame a modern player who blows for luck on his dice. Perhaps he’s just superstitious.

Red Clothes

While many players wear fortunate clothing, this sartorial superstition has a little durability behind it (like players wore the same top on each day of a tournament). Throughout China, red is an extremely important color reflecting abundance, wealth and happiness, amongst other items. It’s a repeated trend for weddings that varies from the dresses of the bride up to the cash handouts, but which have been embraced by gamblers with no shock. Few believe that red things must be obtained as a present, not bought, so it may be time to give your loved ones some tips.

Lucky Charms

For some men, lucky charms are a way of life and players aren’t immune to them! Most players believe that something that has given them success in the past has to be ever-present while coming to a casino from clothes to jewellery and rings. Johnny Chan takes an orange to the poker game he plays, 10-time WSOP bracelet winner.